Krisen is a miracle worker.  I came to her after I developed exercise-induced cramps in my calves and I could only walk for seven minutes before the cramps started and the pain would become so unbearable I couldn’t continue.  I had seen multiple doctors and specialist who performed expensive tests, but none of them had a diagnosis.  Krisen diagnosed the problem in our first session, explained it clearly and gave me custom exercises to do daily that have enabled me to steadily increase my periods of cramp-free walking.  Thanks to Krisen, I was able to take a long hike yesterday for the first time in a year.

Claire Barclay

I’ve been taking a lot of Krisen’s group classes and have had great experiences since she opened. I have never taken any fitness classes before and I am glad my experiences have been with Krisen. She reminds us the importance of listening to your body and if there is any pain, she will help modify our work out. I’ve also had an assessment with her and learned so much in that hour with her. I didn’t feel like she was rushing through the hour and took time to look at my body and analyze problem areas. She actually cared about my needs and she helped me learn about my body. I highly recommend having an assessment with Krisen!

Vanessa Hawley

I really appreciate the incredible depth and breadth of your knowledge and ability to put it all together and figure it out. One of the best things I like about working with you is that I feel like you truly want me to be successful and are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Lisa Hicks

Through her assessment of my body's movement, Krisen was able to isolate problematic movements and weak muscles. She was also able to offer an explanation for my pain, something no other practitioner could provide. After doing the daily customized workout she designed for me, my condition improved greatly and I was able to return to many of my previous athletic activities. Krisen has been a lifesaver for working with chronic pain; she was able to help where nobody else could.

Bob Gillespie

Krisen Day is a genius regarding the human anatomy and the magic of movement. I have MS and have worked with many physical therapists over the years — none were as knowledgeable or helpful as Krisen. Her gentle, non-intrusive wisdom has helped me to reduce my pain, and, best of all, she’s kept me walking!

Barbara Breuer

The studio itself is so versatile, there is nothing like it in the Southern Utah area. You would not expect to walk into a Pilates studio and find Muay Thai Kickboxing or Mixed Martial Arts but The Fix has it all. The atmosphere is much like a family, the camaraderie that is felt among students in class is priceless, there is always someone to cheer you on if you are struggling. Sure The Fix is not a gym, but if you are looking for a gym you could go to any one of the handfuls that are in the area, The Fix is unique and if you are looking for a change then it is worth checking out! The World Combat Fighting Systems class is one that I look forward to every week. My husband and I take this class together and it not only teaches a wide variety of different martial arts system but we also learn useful street effective self defense techniques. When I first started taking the class I was very insecure at how I was performing, I have noticed a boost in my overall self confidence, power and ability to complete various techniques correctly. The instructor is highly qualified and excellent for all levels of martial artists, Bill does an excellent job informing us in what situations the techniques we learn would be useful in. I feel extremely comfortable in the class and I never know what I am going to learn next, at one point we are learning Wu Ji Chyan Fa, then the next we are learning Filipino knife fighting techniques then we are learning how to disarm someone wielding a gun. Bill is one of 2 instructors in the entire Southern Utah area that teaches this Martial Arts system, I consider myself pretty lucky to have the opportunity to learn from him.    

Kelly Ferraro

I worked with Krisen Day--in private and class lessons--for nearly six years so I feel utterly confident when I say that she is not merely a teacher and practitioner, she is a healer. What she knows about the workings of the human body can't merely be learned: she has a rare ability to intuit and understand what each of her students needs, and an equally rare ability to help her students understand as well. And perhaps just as important is the warmth and and the caring that's evident in everything she does. There is no other word to describe Krisen Day but extraordinary.

Karen Latuchie

Pilates has changed my life.  Literally.  Before I began doing Pilates in 2003 I had chronic low back pain due to years of dancing with improper spinal alignment.  I figured that because I was a dancer, I was destined to be in pain as long as I was dancing.  Shortly after joining Krisen’s dance company I began my Pilates regimen and left after my first lesson completely humbled.  I had thought that I was strong, my first hour of Pilates with Krisen showed me that I had some serious weaknesses that were causing my low back to hurt....I worked on balancing my strengths and weaknesses, and began to notice that my body, in fact, was strong.  All it needed was lessons on how to work as one complete unit.  Before long, my chronic low back pain was non-existent.  I was finding that I could jump higher, had more flexibility and most of all, I was feeling more connected to my body than I had ever felt before.

Lindsay Ide

Since I began working out at The Fix, you have consistently inspired me.  This is the first time in my life I have challenged myself physically, the first time I feel relatively fearless about trying new things and pushing my body through this newly forming mind body connection that I am now able to converse through.  You have helped me to save my own life.

Lizzy Bee

I have tried all forms of conditioning without success. Since working with Krisen Day at The Fix i have seen a tremendous increase in my strength and flexibility. My abdominals have become much stronger and my posture has improved dramatically. Krisen designed a program for me that within a few sessions produced change. I always look forward to My Fix!

Julie Schonbrun

Krisen Day is, without question, the best teacher I’ve ever had. She doesn’t just teach Pilates Mat or Reformer, or even physical fitness—she teaches movement in a way which takes into account the ways in which our bodies move every day and the ways in which our individual bodies, with all their idiosyncrasies, internalize patterns and behave according to those patterns. I have never worked with another teacher capable of considering my own limitations and strengths in a class setting so seamlessly or who could treat each student in a class setting with the same consideration with such intuitive ease. In class, Krisen is always innovative, imaginative, fun, and challenging. She is always flexible with respect to the limitations and strengths of individual students and she also succeeds in paying attention to all of her students at once, making sure that they perform exercises in a way which is beneficial to their health and well-being. In private lessons Krisen is equally intuitive and develops programs which best suit the needs of an individual client. I have had a number of chronic problems which have required extensive physical therapy and rehabilitative treatment and there is no one I would recommend more highly. Krisen is adaptable when new problems arise or when a flare-up dictates a change of routine. Before meeting Krisen, I had worked with multiple physical therapists and trainers, had experimented with different work-out routines, and trained in ballroom and Latin dance. But I had never learned to be in touch with my own body in a way which allowed me to tune in to my body’s patterns, weaknesses, and strengths. Krisen taught me not only how to tune in to my body but to be aware of my body’s patterns and responses and of the way in which I was using my muscles and joints. For this I will always be grateful. She is invaluable as a teacher and working with her changed my life for the better. I recommend her unconditionally.

Lydia Oram

I began to see Krisen after my chiropractor recommended that pilates would help me.  I was advised that I needed to find someone who understood my sacroiliac injury, or they could just make matters worse.  Krisen was that person.  I always felt like I was in such good hands working with her.  Not only was she extremely sensitive to, and knowledgeable about my injury, but she always found ways to work with me from the place I was at.  I experienced a fall months after we had begun our work, and this set me back in some of my exercises.  But Krisen always found other ways to help me, so much so that I was not focused on my limitations while with her, but my possibilities.  She brings a very positive, hopeful, and supportive focus to her body work with others.  She taught me how to gain strength and flexibility, and to be mindful in my everyday movements so that I can live a fuller life, with less pain.  My time with Krisen was just for me.  I treasured it, and her, immensely.

Suzi Timmerman

I feel like you have understood what is going on with my body like nobody else, and I say that after several frustrating attempts where it seemed like people were not paying attention and grasping for answers.  You are really good at what you do.  Thank you!

Scott Cavanaugh

Our Pilates sessions are the only thing that stopped my body from hurting.  It was incredible, and the only thing that allowed me to stop going to the chiropractor because of chronic knee pain.  Thank you so much for that gift.

Tiffany Landry

Krisen Day changed my life from the first session I had with her.  I’ve gone from a person with almost no mobility to somebody with a daily walking practice.  My body works in ways that it hasn’t in years.  I’m a big woman, so seeing body workers is a challenge.  I want somebody who works with the body I have, not with the skinny body they wished I had.  Krisen’s respectful, affirming, supportive body politics have been a breath of fresh air - and encouraged me to keep with a course of activity and movement that was workable and enjoyable.  She is a knowledgeable, caring, smart, intuitive and firmly gentle practitioner who reaffirmed my faith in my body’s ability to do what it needs to do, if I would just get out of its way and let it.  I can’t sing her praises high enough!

Jassy Timberlake

In the few short months that I’ve been taking your mat class, I’ve seen a lot of progress, which reinforces my resolve to keep at it.  It’s not just what you do, but how you do it.  You have such an amazing ability to create a space - both a physical one and a psychological one - in which your students can work, learn, and grow.

M.J. Maccardini

Thank you for helping me return physical and mental balance to my life and daily routine.  I have been rejuvenated by the combination of fitness, strength, flexibility, relaxation and support you provide.

Patricia Tillman

In my eight months at The Fix, I have discovered a side of myself that I did not know existed.  To have a practice as part of my day, to have the confidence to learn and grow in my body is for me a priceless, priceless treasure.

Emily Casey

Thank you for giving me a part of my life back.

Lynn Oberbillig