Physical restoration is our _MG_1887mission. The Fix encourages what is right for students by educating them about themselves and then providing them with a practical structure for self-aware physical restoration.

The Fix: Physical Restoration, LLC. is located in St. George, Utah directed by Krisen Day.  Along with Krisen, The Fix hosts guest teachers and organizations with the intention of “fixing up” teachers with affordable studio space, students with teachers, teachers with teachers, students with students, and business people with the local community.   The Fix is an umbrella for health minded professionals who are interested in being part of a community that demands professional conduct while giving teachers the space and freedom to be creative and unique.  Small props used to support your practice are sold at the studio.  WE DO NOT REQUIRE MEMBERSHIPS OR CONTRACTS.  Come and go as you please.

Director Krisen Day offers customized physical restoration via individual movement analysis. Her Pilates-based programs focus on self-healing and are created for each 177-150x150student utilizing resistance and cardiovascular training, mindful practices, and manual techniques that match students’ specific needs in private, semi-private, independent, and group settings.  Her traditional Pilates, Physical Restoration Pilates, and various additional movement classes will support and push your fitness and wellness needs. Krisen can visit your home, work, gym, or rehearsal space to help you transition your studio experience into your life.  Video/photo analysis may also be used to bridge the gap between lessons.  Krisen is interested in developing expertise in several areas of health and in partnering with teachers who diversify The Fix. She values and supports continuing education for herself and her teaching partners in an effort to keep knowledge current and the workplace vibrant. The Fix helps both teacher and student find the tools they need to make choices that enrich their quality of life. As a business owner, Krisen wants to know what you dislike and like about the business.  You are invited to comment, request, complain, or praise anytime directly to Krisen, or leave a note in the suggestion box at the studio.  She might not be able to please everyone, but she certainly can try!

The Fix studio is equipped for multiple needs _MG_1808studio 2and includes the full line of Balanced Body Pilates equipment including 4 reformers, 1 trapeze table, 3 towers, 1 wound chair, 4 jumpboards, 2 seated barrels, 1 ladder barrel, 1 slant board, several small props, wood floors, mirrors, ballet barres, sonos sound system, stability balls, 2-10 lb hand weights, mini trampolines, tumbling mats, sticky mats, TRX, jump ropes, 10 to 60 lb kettlebells.

Pilates for Conditioning and Rehabilitation – a short history:  Pilates was named after it’s German-born developer, Joseph Pilates, who suffered from a multitude of illnesses images-18resulting in muscular weakness. Determined to overcome his frailties, he dedicated his life to becoming physically stronger. He studied yoga, martial arts, Zen Meditation, and Greek and Roman exercises. He worked with medical professionals, including physicians and his wife Clara, a nurse. His experiences led to the development of his unique method which he used to rehabilitate wounded soldiers during World War 1. Soon after, it was adopted by the dance community and was embraced by popular dance instructors and choreographers such as Martha Graham, George Balanchine, and Jerome Robbins. While it was used to rehabilitate injuries suffered by elite performers, at this time it also became popular for it’s conditioning benefits. Most people know Pilates today as a form of exercise and stretching, which it is, but these aspects of the technique barely scrape the surface of the benefits of Pilates especially when it is taught paired with the Pilates equipment and with the original intention of the technique in mind.

How do I get started?  Start with the assessment package/private lessons, and then when you feel comfortable having less instruction, move to duets. When you know your workout and don’t need an instructor, you can do independent workouts. The more independent you become, the less expensive our services are.  Jump into a group class anytime!  If you would like to take a group class, but you aren’t sure which one you should try, start with the assessment package so that I can learn about you and make a recommendation.  If you know which group class you would like to take, but are not ready to enter a group setting, the assessment package can also help prepare you for your group class.  Group classes using the Pilates equipment are also available, however, for your safety, the “Reformer Basics” class or a private lesson is required prior to taking the class.  You may use our 1500 square foot open studio and equipment for your workouts as long as you pre-schedule your time.

What should I wear? Dress in clothing that is comfortable and loose enough to move in, but not loose enough to see into/underneath.  No street shoes are allowed in the studios. If you are taking a class during which you must wear shoes, wear shoes that have never been worn outside, or clean the bottoms of your shoes and make sure there are no rocks in the treads that will scratch the floors.  Water and mats are available at the studio free of charge.